Where The **** Have I Been?

Some random pictures of my last few weeks traveling:

So it was just another quiet Friday in good ol’ ‘Scnonsin. I was enjoying the local fare…

2010-03-19 16.29.13 by you.

I figured, nothing all that exciting happening this weekend. What’s going on on the East Coast? Some type of pagan holiday they call “Easter” was coming up, so I figured I’d head East to see family. But before I did, I stopped in NYC to see friends and this handsome fellow:

2010-03-31 20.34.54 by you.

After a few days bed hopping in New York hostel’s and strange couches (thx Dana), I took a train back to the good ol’ Worcester. My grandfather needed to get dropped off at the DMV to get his Harley registered (scary thought that this man still drives a Harley). So, I stopped for my favorite hot dogs from Coney Island… chilli, mustard and EXTRA onions!

2010-04-02 15.58.43 by you.

They were muy deliciouso… but then I got a strange feeling in my stomach… it was the fact that I was back in Worcester… but no matter, my friends all made great effort to meet up with me and catch up on the old times.

2010-04-04 15.09.02 by you.

Per usual, once home in Worcester, my focus was sleeping, eating and staying out of trouble, so I’ll share that part. First up, my favorite dish my family makes… baked asparagus!

2010-04-04 15.16.05 by you.

Then I stopped by the Armsby Abbey for some amazing craft beers, delicious wine and their weekly special, braised RABBIT pizza!

2010-04-08 17.49.00 by you.

And then I met up with another flat faced pal named Ninja Vo. He farted a lot.

2010-04-04 20.47.49 by you.

Today, I am in Maine. My grandparents are letting me stay with them for the week as I unwind and think hard on the coming months and what my best options might be. I wanted to get some pictures off my phone and bang out a blog post before I hit the hot tub and hit start-mode.

It’s been a damn good time traveling with nothing to do and no plans needing to be made. I suggest you try it next time you’re out on your ass.

(some more pics…)

The first place we stopped in Portland for fish

2010-04-11 13.52.59 by you.

The “green” room

2010-04-11 15.37.52 by you.

The “green” room view (yes, that’s the ocean)

2010-04-11 15.37.59 by you.

4 thoughts on “Where The **** Have I Been?”

  1. These photos are 100x cooler than Foursquare tweets. Food looks delicious…for the first three bites. You might get self-lubricated the next time you get a good rub in the back (and that’s awesome, needless to say).

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