This One Life Of A Superhuman

Today I came by a blog post by a man named Derek Miller that really shook me to my core. One that stared in the face of a reality that each and every one of us will deal with some day, but most of the time is a “someday” sort of issue:

If you found out today that you were not going to live for long, would you be able to reconcile with how you’ve chosen to live your life, treat others and savor each and every moment that remained?

This sort of news is something that can be dramatized by movies, TV shows, books and anecdotal examples, but can you, have you or are you trying, at the very least to look at your life from a step back, while still feeling it fully?

I’m not sure I want comments on this post, because I’m lucky enough to have my health and to have an amazing life. If you’ll choose to leave a comment on this, I ask you to visit Derek’s Blog and also read his post and maybe try to leave a comfotrting message for him as well.

Gratitude, even in the face of death, is a super-human power. No matter which way you look at it.

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