The Tale of Two Cities

Sometimes I get intense urges to move to Boston again. Part of me feel like relocation to a bigger city is just another big ball of stress that I don’t need. Other times I get to spend a bit of time in Worcester and enjoy a lot of the city’s culture and amenities. Now that it’s getting warm Worcester as a city is coming alive from it’s long, hilly, and cold winter hibernation. There’s not even that much dirty snow anywhere anymore.

Financially I don’t see moving back to Boston as an option for the short-term plan. Even the cheapest apartments that I’ve had in Boston were still at least $100 more a month than where I’m at now and were absolute shit holes.

Part of my impulse to get away is not due to Worcester’s charm or lack thereof. It’s more a concoction of personal issues that are not subsiding as I’d hoped. I’ve got lots to do and never feel bored and usually I’m too busy to really need to search around for entertainment, but the fact of the matter is that the place where I rest my head is in close proximity to people I don’t much care for.

I picked my poison. There’s a chance I may move somewhere else in the city that may cost slightly more, or maybe even back to the city if some awesome opportunity presents itself.

Either way, I really love Worcester and Boston. I’d recommend either of them very highly as places to chill and be cultured.

So, I heard there’s a big announcement coming up. Anybody know what it is?

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