I’ve always toyed with and tried to become…

I’ve always toyed with and tried to become a coder. I’ve tried to learn C++, Ruby, PHP… none of those attempts were successful, but that’s not to say I’m incapable of coding potential… it just means i haven’t been able or have chosen not to dedicate any serious amount of time to learning to write code.

If ever there was a time in Boulder to try to code something among a room-full of amazing computer engineers, now would be the time. Check out this post on Brad Feld’s blog about the free coworking space for coders in downtown Boulder.


(the actual space where you can register for a spot http://www.trada.com/codespace/)

The Tablet Getaway

*I realize the title of this post looks like a contest, but it’s not. Sorry*

As I sit on my girlfriends couch playing on my neglected Samsung Galaxy Tablet (which I won in a contest) I decided I would write my first blog post on it regarding why its awesome (I am actually writing this very moment in an Android WordPress app)

I feel a distinct gratitude because I am able to be connected too the interwebs and consume my favorite content on a nice big screen, unlike on my phone, where I feel my eyes get stained and I don’t enjoy it as much.

Plus the baggage of turning on, which you get with a laptop (check work email) or with a phone (respond to text messages) doesnt exist. Its a guilt free vacuum experience where you can curate and enjoy the things you are really interested in without distraction.

Plus I am pretty easily able to create content as well with the nifty Swype typing app and some cool video apps.

After being neglectful and skeptical regarding this tablet, I can now say I am an enthusiastic tablet advocate. Go win or buy one for yourself! ;-}