The Summer Heat Rises – Do You Step It Up

Apparently I’ve already started my summer vacation with the poor presence I’ve had on both of my blogs lately. Work, side-projects and general summer-distractions have kept me from putting in the necessary effort to have a blog. I look at my life and realize there is little to no excuse to not blog regularly as there are many high profile bloggers who have as busy if not busier lives that mine and still manage to crank out high-octane content on the regular.

Gary Vaynerchuk said that if you’ve got the passion for anything then the work and inspiration will keep coming. But, when you don’t necessarily loose your passion but get say, “worn out,” how do you recharge and come back with fresh ideas and perspectives?

How are you dealing with the summertime distractions? Do you feel side projects get neglected for in the summer or rather get picked up to another level because people tend to have more free time?