Patience May Not Get Me Through This Line Faster…

…But it does help me avoid an addiction to anti-anxiety medication.

WARNING: This is a profanity laced rant as I sit delayed in an airport en route to Boston from Madison.

The same cannot be said for some of these jackasses who act like they’re VIP in this airport. I can’t deal with people who try to look well put together but have no control over their emotions or egos. When you’re stuck in the same situation as everyone else; you’re fucked, the staff is fucked and the weather doesn’t appear to be un-fucking itself any time soon. So, is getting upset of any value to you or anyone else?

Shit, you may get a seat upgrade, some frequent flyer miles or a mini-bottle of vodka to wash down your anti-psychotics, but yr. not getting my karmic sympathies. I don’t care what you do for a living, I don’t care how much money you make and I certainly don’t care if you “can’t believe this.”

On a lighter note, Google is providing free wireless to the Madison airport. Say goodness for that. See you fools on the East Coast soon! 😀

10 thoughts on “Patience May Not Get Me Through This Line Faster…”

    1. @Uzo, yes I opted to brood on my laptop rather than commiserate with the 50 other pissed off people in the airport. I don’t like getting myself worked up unless necessary.

  1. @Hater, I sat next to a few crying babies. I have an innate ability to block it out when needed. Otherwise the mom was really nice… really stressed out, but really nice.

    1. @Andhari, My mood is much better! I spent the morning with my grandfather shopping for my grandfather. He’s the only person who’s more snarky than myself. Talking about pot, the healthcare bill, how much Republicans suck and how every politician is a crook. I’m much more like him than I ever thought! haha

      Hope you’re doing well too! Hope the music and everything else is great for you! 🙂

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