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I’ve gone in and out of my phases in life which have brought me half way around the world and back. But every time I get away for a little bit I find myself appreciating where I am from even more. I truly have found a love for Worcester deep in my heart and the older I have gotten compared to the days where I couldn’t get out fast enough, I feel as if my stake in Worcester’s betterment has risen tremendously.

I am a product of Worcester. Wherever I go I don’t tell people I am from Boston. I say I live in Boston, or right outside of it, but I always say that I am proudly from Worcester. It has taken some maturity for me to figure out why I love Worcester, but aside from my family being there, I think my tendency to root for the underdog keeps me interested in Worcester. So much concentrated wealth exists in and around Boston and the rat race makes me feel like a true rodent.

As I continue to work my ass off day to day, I have found myself in a good job making a good salary doing something I don’t love so much, but am still interested in. The people I work with are becoming friends and it is a good feeling.

But there is something missing. I am showing signs of my hard work. I have a new car, I am traveling sometimes and I get to do fun things with the people I love. But I feel I need a new challenge and something to covet. I want an education bad, but knowing myself I will get my masters and probably my Ph.D. no matter what, hell or high water.

A long time ago I said that I would sacrifice the ideal of owning my own home so that I could work jobs for less money and live more simply. But I’m coming to realize that no matter how hard I put the brakes on I can’t seem to slow down the pace of my lifestyle. I don’t care to be rich, but I hope to pursue the things I truly care about someday without the worry of having to make a great paycheck every week. I want to have my bases covered.

I know the best way to work towards that goal is to accumulate some personal equity. I am saving towards my 401k retirement plan every week. I know the next notch should be a home. Paying rent is garbage, especially in my situation. I’m trying to work out a situation where I can work close to where I live most of the time. I’d like to buy my first home in Worcester and even though I work in Watertown, making that sacrifice is something I’m looking to make. is where I hope to start. There are some good affordable homes on here. I’ll have to start small, but who knows where it could get me? This is just another step I want to make. Can I get a boost?!?!

Traveling Nurses

No, I don’t want to change my career. I just talk about two things that were profound to me this past weekend.

First, a middle aged woman who was doing blood work on my grandmother started running her mouth to everyone in the room about all of this conservative stuff that you could find on any talk radio show during the day. It was completely un-interesting, annoying and unwanted. Her raving about how nobody’s going to vote for Obama because he’s black and he loves taxes, poor people, and foreigners and hates the middle class and America was so unwelcome. I should have told her to shut her trap before I tell her manager about how unprofessional she is. Instead I looked her dead in the eye and told her that I was a dedicated Obama supporter and that she had a narrowminded point of view. It certainly didn’t shut her up. I should have complained.

Secondly, I’m so happy that I have traveled so much this summer. It’s been a great one despite some setbacks in my personal life. I’m looking forward to a great Fall as well!

I wrote too much tonight. I’ll pay for it tomorrow when I can’t keep my eyes open at work.


Take it on the chin

In passing conversation in the mess hall at work today a woman told me how she was out of work for two months before she started here a couple weeks ago. She was complaining that she needed a vacation already. I could be mean and tell her she has no right to desire a vacation so quick, but who doesn’t want to vacation, like all the time?

I thought about how I’d respond to her for a second and I realized, aloud, that the only way I’d ever get a meaningful freelance career together was if I got my ass canned from a job and was able to pick up unemployment insurance for a little while. Necessity breeds creativity, no? I would literally be forced into all sorts of free time in which I could apply to jobs that I wanted (half-heartedly) while I wrote obsessively for the rest of the day. I already and generating income from my writing simply jotting stuff down for an hour or two a day. Imagine what I could do with eight or more hours?

I’m not going to get myself fired anytime soon, but the thought that not all things are as terrible as they may seem is somewhat uplifting and liberating.

I just want to write. Is that too much to ask? Yes, it is actually. That’s why I’ve stopped asking and just started doing it anyways.

Let’s Get This Straight

You’re reading what I write. That’s so nice of you!

I promise if you bake, sell, sing or fabricate anything, I’ll patronize you until the cows come home and you make a profit!

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