One Way Ticket

Next week, I’m continuing to take advantage of my current situation of being (f)unemployed by planning a trip up the Northeast starting in New York City. Originally I wanted to get home to see my family at some point, but I thought about how there’s no more reason for me to be in Madison than there is anywhere else, that I should just plan a low-budget path up the northern East Coast until I make it through to see family in both Massachusetts and Maine.

And yeah… I only purchased a one way ticket because I wasn’t sure when I’d be back from my visits and I didn’t want to put any pressure on myself to leave.

Open ended… that’s when I’m at my best.

Think we might cross paths? Let me know. I’m happy to stay an extra day or two here or there. Leave a comment or shoot me an email james.r.moreau [at] gmail

I land in NYC next Tuesday, March 30th.

15 thoughts on “One Way Ticket”

  1. I think we need to meet up at some point, so do hit me up if you’re ever in Chicago. I’ll be in Chicago until the end of June 🙂

    I may be in NJ again in May but I’m not sure if you’ll still be here then…

    1. @Akhila, I’ll come into Chicago for a day when I get back from the E. Coast. You’ll have to let me know what part of the city you live in!

  2. Oh yay, another trip! The New York City peeps were extremely welcoming and helpful… I hope you find the same. 🙂

    If you made it down to DC I would vote for that because I could TOTALLY visit you there with a day or two’s notice. I’ve heard the NYC-DC bus is super cheap and easy.

    So… lemme know. But have fun either way!

    1. @Carlee, I’d like to get down there too. We’ll see what can be done! No solid plans yet. I’m pumped for NY though 🙂

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