Note To Self – Run Far Away

Today was a day I would never choose to run from. I spent the later part of the morning with a friend as I posed for one of his conceptual photo projects and we talked about life, business and whatever guys in a modeling shoot talk about (blue steel, mostly).

Later in the day I spent some of my afternoon in a cafe doing work, reading some completed writing projects, contemplating my new potential life paths and chatting with a cousin about some exciting plans she has for herself.

Lastly, I went to an art event called Pecha Kucha in Worcester’s best Tapas bar, Bocado. Local artists and performers (and one professional skater) talked about what they do, why they do it and how they do it. They had 20 slides, with 20 second to describe each slide. 8 presenters gave great stories and tips about what inspires them and I too got inspired.

I was inspired to get away. I thought about all of the places I’ve once associated with art and creativity and peace and how I haven’t experienced those sensations for myself, or outside of a business perspective in a long while. I compulsively grabbed my phone and put on the calendar for next weekend: “get out of town.”

Not sure where I’m going or what I’ll be doing or if I’ll even go with anyone. All I know is that I have an urge to flee and re-group seeing as I’m facing a short summer with a lot of potential for good stuff to happen throughout.

So, I’m going to run away to somewhere beautiful and maybe quiet or maybe bustling and find another day that I wouldn’t run away from.

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