Have Skills – Will Work For Bitcoin

Does a restaurant, bakery or cafe that is cash-only make you want to go there more? What factors do consumers take into account when they decide how and where they want to spend their money if they have lots of options to buy in a crowded seller’s market? Would you consider hiring a freelance copywriter or designer just because you knew you could pay them it Bitcoin?

Being a freelancer is sort of like being a lone ranger. Some freelancers like to consider themselves entrepreneurs and others like to simply consider themselves service providers. The line between those attributes can get blurry, but what all freelancers have in common is that they like to get paid often and on time. Rustling up new work can be a hassle and time consuming, especially when those hours when you’re pitching and selling, you’re not getting paid, so the pressure can get intense in order to differentiate in one’s market. Is it possible that changing your primary payment method of choice to Bitcoin has advantages? Let’s take a look.

One of the most challenging things about offering general services as a freelancer, especially in the content production and marketing realm, is that there are plenty of websites where there are many people offering similar services and drastically undercutting each other on the price of the service. In doing so, many services offered on a freelance basis are viewed as cheap or lower value because businesses feel they can get them for cheap, cheap, cheap. But the quality often isn’t there when you go so low on the price.

In an already challenging field, here are some thoughts current freelancers who work only for Bitcoin had to offer on their experience.

Michael Scott, a journalist who covers the digital economy beat from Denver, Colorado currently receives up to 60% of his income as Bitcoin. He believes he’ll increase his overall income to around 90% Bitcoin in 2016 and spoke to why he prefers accepting payments in Bitcoin so much over other options.

“As a freelancer, getting paid by check  was slow and cumbersome. Between the check processing time, slow postal delivery and the check clearing the bank, the length of time needed to receive my money became unacceptable. So I began pursuing writing opportunities with digital publications that pay in Bitcoin.”

Another digital marketing professional who goes by the name of Jana has worked for Bitcoin for over a year and commented on the transactional benefits of accepting Bitcoin for payments.

“Bitcoin is ideal way to pay for digital products. There are no recurring payments, it’s fast and instant, and Mycelium Gear easily allows to collect email address with the order so that the merchant gets a list of people who are interested. A nice surprise was also that it will be quite hassle free legally (EU).”

So, are you ready to get started? Are you ready to have that first surprising conversation with someone ready to hire you to tell them that you only accept Bitcoin for payment? For freelancers looking to dip their toes into earning Bitcoin, Mr. Scott also offered this advice:

“I was stunned to discover via a web search that a growing number of companies that are now paying freelancers exclusively in bitcoin. Two thoughts here. For starters, check out XBTFreelancer.com. It’s an amazing repository of bitcoin paying gigs. I receive notices daily requesting project bids. “

“Secondly, think globally. In  particular, countries overseas are begging for American experts. One of my biggest clients is in Eastern Europe. These countries seem light years ahead in terms of their adoption of bitcoin and thus are more willing to pay you in it for assignments”

Do you have any tips on where to find clients that pay in Bitcoin? Have you tried to make the payment transition already? Please let us know in the comments!


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