Fresh Findings Friday: New Cassettes Won’t Listen Mixtape

Cassettes Won’t Listen is a dude, not a group, who makes some really nice music. I’ve heard their stuff through some independent hip-hop artists and publications that I really respect over the past couple years. They just put out a new mixtape called “The Stupid Rifle Mixtape” under the name “Dfalt” and it’s tight. I’m glad I’ve been able to share a bit of good music on here lately. Check it out! (Be sure not to sleep on this link. Cassettes Won’t Listen tend to take their mixtapes down after a little while).

Click here for the download page link:

Click here for the intro page on the Definitive Jux site:

Here’s a sample of some one Cassettes Won’t Listen from one of his past albums. The song is called “Freeze and Explode.”

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