Distain to Paranoia

I had a talk with my grandfather about how the powers at be live and work among us without most people realizing there’s something wrong with that. I used a Wal-Mart going up less than a half-mile from my apartment as an example. Big millionaires deciding that the low income folks that populate this part of the Worcester to come in and buy their low priced, low quality products by the shopping cart load.

My grandfather defends Wal-Mart, seeing as they have low priced goods and he doesn’t care where they come from and that he hears they’re doing a lot to become “greener.” I asked him if he realizes that more money has probably one into telling the media through PR that they’re going green than has actually been put into the process of going green. The media takes this bit of information and figures out some sort of stance around it. The left and right fight over perspective, grow the argument regarding Wal-Mart’s merits to absurd new heights and gives polarizing ammunition to the wacky far right and the wackier far left to yell and scream about. Quite distracting.

Don’t forget the government. Depending on the administration and legislation and the rest of the parasitic dopes occupying public office, you’ve got a lot of people who stand to benefit greatly by generating discussion, debate and public fury over an issue. They can “champion” a cause and passionately defend it in the public eye for a small period of time and then once the subject becomes passe, they drop it completely and move to the next issue du jour. I immediately think of John Kerry and John McCain… A couple of old dudes with Irish last names who happen to be filthy rich Vietnam war vets who married up. Very different stances on economics, social policy and government, but really… they’re both rich, they both clearly want to stay rich and are branding themselves differently to ensure that.

Big business, media and government… forget about guarding your pockets, guard your brains and your loved ones.

2 thoughts on “Distain to Paranoia”

  1. With the wealth of available information, one can adopt almost any set of beliefs and still maintain a dose of rationality and reality. I agree that what the media floods the airwaves with is little more than a distraction. I foster my belief system with a level of activity, attention, and cynicism.

    Speaking of distractions, as I write this blog comment, I burned my breakfast bacon. 😉

  2. @Jonathan This is all relative to my own perception.. but I truly feel more sane in an insane world, rather than the other was around since I decreased the media’s access to my brain. Maintaining a balance of information is hard with what I’ve done though, so I’m trying to figure that out.

    Sorry about your bacon, dude. I’ll hook you up with a pound or two of the stuff when I make it out to the Fresh Coast

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