GSP Torn ACL, Out For 10 Month, Nick Diaz To Face Carlos Condit For Interim Welterweight Title

(via Dana White’s Twitter account!/danawhite/status/144475715390291968)

As with Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn, I am sure that this will be a much more exciting fight leading up to and during the scrap. Diaz is a notorious and well-loved hot-head with incredible skills on the feet and ground. Carlos Condit is a powerful striker and potent grappler that likes to take risks in his fights. Neither fighter has ever been in a boring fight.

Sucks for George. Mentally, this has got to put a dent in his spirits. Hopefully he heals up and develops enough anger to put up a fiery fight against whomever wins this interim title.

My first instinct says Diaz has the advantage in most places, but Carlos is a crafty and extremely experienced veteran. I won’t be missing this fight for anything.

Texts From Bennett Is Run By The Same “Nerdy White Dude” Who Does Pancake Rap (Mac Lethal)

My mind is blow. With some primitive detective work done on a late night with whiskey by my side, I just learned that the new popular website Texts From Bennett ( is owned and updated by the same dude who did the Youtube video to a rap beat about making pancakes (see bottom of post).

This is awesome for so many reasons. Mainly because this guy, known as Mac Lethal, is a respected rapper on the label Rhymesayers Entertainment and I’ve liked his music for a long time.

Okay everyone, back to what you were doing… pretend like you were up on this indie hip hop pop cultural knowledge 🙂

New Blog Announcement :-)

I started a new blog. It’s pretty much only about food and kitchen related stuff… and when I can integrate MMA and music into the mix, I will do that too 🙂 Notsoliteral isn’t going anywhere, I just wanted to start something that I could focus a niche on. Make sense?

Let me know what you think if you get a chance. Thanks!

The Main Reason I Don’t Quit Facebook

I’m like a little kid who doesn’t want to go to bed – afraid to death I’m going to miss something.

I propose an experiment. Check Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ for an equal amount of time, every day, for a week. Keep track of the links I open, share, etc. See which ones provide me more relevant content, value and pleasure.

What do you think?

Sometimes I Think About What Would Have Happened If I Bought That House

I daydream about these things. Not to say I’m oblivious to the negatives about being a home owner. I’m acutely aware of them… money, liability, inability to move quickly… but let’s place those ideas aside for a moment.

1. Nobody lives above and below you. This is awesome for a variety of reasons.
2. If you live in a fun, walk-able neighborhood, people would stop by all time time (this is assuming you’re a good person/host. This also is applicable with having an apartment in a fun part of a city. I miss my old place in the North End of Boston).
3. Within financial reason, you can add onto your kitchen. This is important for entertaining people. I love to cook in a big way. The more appetites, the better.
4. You can play music that you like, whenever you want. No, don’t bump it so loud the neighbors complain, but yeah, if you want to groove to something within your own walls and boogie while you clean or relax, do that.

“Maniac” – A Short Film Directed by Shia LaBeouf, starring Scott Mescudi and Chris Palko (Kid Cudi and Cage)

A long time coming. Happy Halloween.

*I posted this as it was loading without having ever seen it. I MUST warn my readers. This is extremely graphic and disturbing. Please be cautious watching this if you are easily offended or horrified. K Thx.

Immortal Technique’s Latest Mixtape – The Martyr

I haven’t even had a chance to listen to this yet. It’s still downloading as I type this. However, being one of my favorite artists, I had to give my readers a heads up that Immortal Technique’s latest mixtape The Martyr is now out and ready for download. Not sure how long this link will work, so get it now!


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