The Warm-Up Is Over, The Hard Work Starts Now

So many of us had great hope in 2008 when President Obama was first elected. I know I had become overwhelmed with emotion at the mere idea that someone like him had overcome so many odds to become the leader of the free world. In that time, we were in the midst of a horrible recession. I had felt the squeeze of economic hardship for years, ever since graduating college in 2006 and not being able to find work. When President Obama was elected in 2008, I was hurting and so were a lot of other people, but we had hope that we all could work towards a better future and make our country better.

Last night I nervously watched the results come in from all the counties across the U.S.A. and rejoiced when President Obama was projected to gain re-election. I am better off today than I was before he took office. I’ve also not taken a lot of risk in my career lately because of my fears of what would happen if he wasn’t re-elected. So much of how I planned to take action in the coming years with my career, business ideas, etc, has been based on whether we as a country double down on aggressive change and improvement or if we stalled and changed course to a conservative agenda.

Last night I gained strength to continue living my passion, but with more zest and fearlessness than before. I hope those from the opposing side can align on the issues that matter to more of us, than to focus on theoretical and or social issues.

I’m ready to roll up my sleeves.

Distain to Paranoia

I had a talk with my grandfather about how the powers at be live and work among us without most people realizing there’s something wrong with that. I used a Wal-Mart going up less than a half-mile from my apartment as an example. Big millionaires deciding that the low income folks that populate this part of the Worcester to come in and buy their low priced, low quality products by the shopping cart load.

My grandfather defends Wal-Mart, seeing as they have low priced goods and he doesn’t care where they come from and that he hears they’re doing a lot to become “greener.” I asked him if he realizes that more money has probably one into telling the media through PR that they’re going green than has actually been put into the process of going green. The media takes this bit of information and figures out some sort of stance around it. The left and right fight over perspective, grow the argument regarding Wal-Mart’s merits to absurd new heights and gives polarizing ammunition to the wacky far right and the wackier far left to yell and scream about. Quite distracting.

Don’t forget the government. Depending on the administration and legislation and the rest of the parasitic dopes occupying public office, you’ve got a lot of people who stand to benefit greatly by generating discussion, debate and public fury over an issue. They can “champion” a cause and passionately defend it in the public eye for a small period of time and then once the subject becomes passe, they drop it completely and move to the next issue du jour. I immediately think of John Kerry and John McCain… A couple of old dudes with Irish last names who happen to be filthy rich Vietnam war vets who married up. Very different stances on economics, social policy and government, but really… they’re both rich, they both clearly want to stay rich and are branding themselves differently to ensure that.

Big business, media and government… forget about guarding your pockets, guard your brains and your loved ones.

My Problem With Outsourcing

I strive every day to be successful in my career and personal life and make sacrifices to meet each goal that I set for myself. I’d compromise on a lot of luxuries that I enjoy in order to get shit done, but one thing that does not and never has settled well with me is the idea of outsourcing. The concept of hiring people outside of your community, or even your country and paying them a pitiful allowance to do your minutiae doesn’t make me feel good.

I’ve read several books where the authors rave and rant about how every person needs to break free from the socio-economic molds that inhibit us from growth and get out of our 9-5 day jobs where we get paid too little. It’s almost a battle cry for the humanity inside all of us to be unleashed by not being trapped in cramped, soul sucking cubicles anymore.

But, these types of authors also point to the fact that life can be just too hectic even when you’re self employed selling god-knows-what to anyone with disposable income to say, pay your bills, research your next vacation and design and develop your next business venture. No, by achieving the pinnacle of our own socio-economic nirvana, we must outsource all the bullshit that makes us miserable to men and women in developing countries who will work for pennies on our dollar.

My gripe with outsourcing is two-fold; the idea of not worry about certain skills and tasks because they’re below us or not worth our time is dangerous. We’ll wake up some day without the resources to pay someone to do small tasks for us and doing them ourselves will be painful or impossible. Say what you want about the cost of living in the countries that we out-source to, but I still feel like their profiting from our laziness, if they’re profiting at all.

The most beneficial thing for people who would outsource their needs to foreign countries is to have a dependable network of professionals to trade services with or pay while mutually expecting referrals and continued business from one-another. This way your community of businesses is developing rather than shipping its money outside its circle of influence.

Holding My Breath Until November 5th

I voted a while back via absentee ballot so I won’t be standing in line today. I’m a bit melancholy at the thought though. I can imagine a sense of excitement and comradery while waiting in line amongst fellow Americans to vote.

I’ve read and listened to several people state their opinions regarding the option to not vote at all. Some are truly convinced the Illuminati or central bank are in control of everything no matter what. I believe this to an extent, but I feel a sense of defeat in choosing to go belly up and no voice my opinion despite controversy and cynicism.

I’ve written before that I do not believe either candidate is going to turn the country around 180 degrees in their first four or even eight years. But I do believe that Obama represents a rebelliousness against the paternalistic style of government that has been forced upon America for the last 8 years. I want to feel like I live in a community, rather than an isolated state of being. I want a good job for myself (I am lucky enough to have that right now) and good jobs for my neighbors and family. I want opportunities to be available for all Americans who want to work hard, not just those who were born into fortunate circumstances of wealth and power.

Spread the wealth. Spread the happiness. Help others in their times of need and you too shall be helped in your time of need.

I’m going to lay low at home and try to kick this awful cold or whatever I have. Once the poll numbers start coming in I’ll be glued to CNN and MSNBC all day.

I hope everyone is having a good election day today! Despite feeling physically sick, I feel energized and good knowing that George W. Bush will be out of work soon. Hopefully he finds a job elsewhere where he can do less damage.

I Won’t Be Voting. How Embarassing!

I’m a dummie. Seriously. Maybe even a f*cking @sshole. I moved recently moved and my paperwork for registering to vote got jumbled.

I can’t vote. Crap!

Ugh. I have no excuse. I wish bureaucracy wasn’t so rigid in its inefficiency, though.

I won’t complain about anything that happens after this election. I have no right.

Please make up for my idiocy, MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!!!

American Divisive Politik; Ne Pravda

Divide and conquering works, right? This election’s politics have been so perplexing in the last year. I’m becoming so terrified with the state of our country and the world surrounding it, the choice of candidates has almost paled to the choices I’ll have to make in the coming years, decades and lifetime. I cannot foresee too much major positive change being made in the next four years or maybe even eight years. I think the next president needs to concede his relative powerlessness to the overwhelming financial and national security circumstances that we face and bring the country together rather than invent and demonize a new segment of the world or even our own population to raise fervor and aggression. I don’t want anymore war in my lifetime. I never want to kill another person for a made-up cause fabricated by my government. I want to watch people in my community succeed. I want to succeed.

I need something to believe in. I’m so convinced that John McCain is going to lead us to another war if elected president. I don’t think he’s a terrible person, but all he really knows and loves is the military and I think he truly finds war to be a glorious endeavor. Fighting terrorism and foreign aggression is necessary, but preemptive aggression is unacceptable. I’m voting for Barack Obama because I *hope* he will lead us towards peace. I know nothing is a surefire bet, but I absolutely must vote and I won’t let my fears dictate my decisions towards a future filled with war and economic hardship, which is all I have truly known in my adult life under McCain’s party.

Obama ’08. That’s how it has to be. I don’t want to, and cannot imagine it any different. May whatever God help us if we cannot get through these tough times.

Liberal Chicken, Conservative Egg Head

Which came first? On my commute today I pondered the statements made by several wealthy uncles of mine who are positive that all liberals eventually evolve into conservatives after the age of 30. Clearly taxes, gays and abortion takes on a new meaning once you’ve seen one third of a century. Clearly they’ve never been to Cambridge, Newton. I do understand they’re observations of the many wealth middle-agers who may have marched in a demonstration or two in their earlier years and maybe even smoked some pot in the process. Those examples surely must be the Jones’ down the street who are extremely concerned about and lose sleep over sex education in the class room and the terrorists poisoning their suburban water supply.

But, what is the human material that converted liberals are made of? Those are liberal chickens in my mind. They’re the types that probably were so dewy eyed in their youth that any handsome or loudmouthed organizer that fed them chunks of liberal propaganda was suddenly the next Jesus Christ. I know that exact type when I think hard. I’ve met so many young men and women who go off to college and are caught up in the excitement of politics or social issues. The problem is their relatively sheltered existences before college have left their psyche’s relatively fragile and pliable. This can lead to major self-discovery or an absolute burn out when that individual wants nothing to do with “the movement.”

Maybe I am a liberal chicken. Maybe I’ll cower and shrink from the liberal ideologues. I’m just concerned how I’ll socialize as a new conservative. I definitely cannot afford to go to their gatherings at high end restaurants and gentleman’s clubs. Maybe the conservatives can start a social welfare program helping liberal chickens to integrate into their new found political beliefs.
Of course illegal conservative immigrants would not get this benefit, because they cannot vote.

Just kidding. F*ck the man. I’m going to listen to the new Nas album 🙂

I’ve gotta do it

Dear Sarah Palin,

Congrats on your well-delivered speech last night. You hammered home your messages of the target audience you wish to reach (certainly not I). Your snappy and quirky mannerisms are cute and very Super Mom 2.0ish and if I was in the middle of a suburban development with a two car garage I’d probably identify with what you’re putting out there. The nuances of your “ordinary gal” and “international leader” concepts were fascinating, although all together unbelievable.

Shaking up the congress may be something that is long overdue, as it has continually switched hands between an equally impotent republican and democratic party, but what about the white house? Have you spoken out against your party’s leader and his administration in the last 8 years? Or, are you just another war mongering, fact fabricating, impulsive, greedy, right-winger that was either too stubborn or too self denying to impeach the Bush administration or at least denounce his actions? Many Republicans have separated themselves from Bush, but have you?

You don’t want to loose the war? You want to defeat “radical extreme Islam?” Maybe you should realize this war was a losers war from the beginning. A war on lies (exposed lies, none the less) has no honor in it whatsoever, no matter what fantastic dreams a former POW may believe.

I guess at the end of the day I’m just another pro-choice, equal marriage, social reforming, community organizing (ha!), liberal who will never see eye to eye with what the Republican machine is trying to do. Neither party is perfect, but I’ve clearly picked my poison, Mrs. Palin, and it certainly is not you.

From A Blue State with Love,

JR Moreau