Believe: R.I.P Evan Tanner 1971-2008

The body of Evan Tanner was found in a desert region of Southern California. It is believed that he ran out of gas for his motorcycle and then ran out of water which forced him to attempt to walk to safety. Tragically he never made it out of the desert and it appears he succumbed to the heat. Search parties were sent out looking for Evan and he was spotted yesterday miles away from where his camp was set up.

The details are not entirely important. What matters is the type of person Evan was and how he’s inspired me personally and professionally in so many ways. He dropped out of college, worked odd jobs, trained himself to be a mixed martial artist and would up holding the Middleweight belt in the UFC at the peak of his careers. In between those highs and lows Evan battled many demons inside of himself and conquered most of them. Yet at the end of the day, Evan seemed to have an intense wanderlust and interest in people. He so desperately wanted to live a simpler life and be one with the nature around him. I suppose his final voyage may have been on his list of decent ways to go. But then again, who am I to say that?

All I know is he’s conversed with me through mail and email in the past. He raised money to help young men and women pursue a mixed martial arts career in a simple and holistic manner that he saw fit and his personal writing was just beautiful.

I am so sad thinking about how I’ll never see him fight again, or read his writing. This man embodied so much that I hope to achieve someday.

Rest in Peace Evan.