Fresh Findings Friday: First Bite Boulder Restaurant Week

I’ve lived in cities or metro areas for my entire life (except for two years at UMass) and have always heard of restaurant week but never gone. Now that I’m dating a serious foodie I have no excuse for not going to First Bite Boulder Restaurant Week.

Tonight, we try Jax Fish House. A seafood restaurant that has gotten sterling reviews from anyone I’ve ever heard mention it. I’m a coastal boy, so good seafood is near and dear to my heart.

Then this weekend I think we’re trying the Black Cat again, which happened to be the best meal I’ve ever had in Boulder when I went there the first time.

Are you a foodie that marks Restaurant Week off on your calendar like it’s a religious holiday? What are your restaurant week plans where you are?

Fresh Findings Friday: I Only Like Disney On Fridays

So, I came across this mashup of all the sounds in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I guess you’d call it chilled out ambient music. I’ve listened to it a bunch today while working. It’s really good. Give it a listen.

For the record… I won’t publicly admit that I like Disney stuff… but part of me does. Go ahead, judge me!

Fresh Findings Friday: Grace(ful) Plate Has Launched!

This week, my endlessly talented girlfriend launched her new food blog called Grace(full) Plate. She’s been so excited about this new project and I couldn’t be more happy for her. She’ll be posting all sorts of restaurant reviews, recipes and food stories, so come check it out and get hungry!

This past Monday night I got back from…

This past Monday night I got back from a 6 day trip to Chicago with my girlfriend and her family to get their dual citizenship squared away, passports in hand and then go to her cousin’s wedding. My friend Jenn and her husband Mark were gracious to put us up and it was a blast.

I met Jenn during my time at Brazen Careerist. She always posted amazing¬†recipes and talked about her social media and marketing work with the American Cancer Society. I made the drive from Madison to Chicago several times to stay in Jenn and Mark’s extra bedroom, enjoy Chicago and Jenn’s wonderful food.

Jenn has Coeliac Disease and it has forced and helped her to develop a whole new lifestyle around gluten free food and cooking. It’s changed her life for the better and has inspired so many of my own new (gradual) habits of eating better and living an active lifestyle. She even got me to try the Couchto5k running program!

Plus it must be said, for all of you peeps who are in love with bread and all types of gluten-stuffs (I may be among your ranks at times), you’d never miss anything with wheat while eating/making Jenn’s¬†recipes. The food is full flavored, healthy and without pesticides and un-natural preservatives.

So without further adue, here are my top 3 favorite recipes on Jenn’s blog. Check them out, let her know what you think and if you cook any of them, let me know too!

Spicy Butter Nut Squash Tacos with¬†Caramelized¬†Onions -Jenn made this the first night we stayed with her… all I can say is DEAR GOD THESE ARE DELICIOUS!!! Make them NOW!!!

Bacon Egg Slurry – This recipe tastes a lot better than the title suggests. After getting laid off in February and being on the public dole, I was looking for CHEAP and healthy eats. This is it and it is so damn delicious. I love cabbage and with brown rice and bacon (I think you can modify it to be¬†vegetarian)¬†you’ve¬†got a¬†really¬†nice meal.

Baked Oatmeal With Tart Cherries – Jenn had a bunch of tupperware containers with chunks of this baked oatmeal goodness in it, so I ate a couple while staying at her place. It’s chewy, filling and you can put even more cool stuff in there like apples, pears, peaches or whatever. So easy and¬†versatile!

Fresh Findings Friday: New Cassettes Won’t Listen Mixtape

Cassettes Won’t Listen is a dude, not a group, who makes some really nice music. I’ve heard their stuff through some¬†independent¬†hip-hop artists and publications that I really respect over the past couple years. They just put out a new mixtape called “The Stupid Rifle Mixtape” under the name “Dfalt” and it’s tight. I’m glad I’ve been able to share a bit of good music on here lately. Check it out! (Be sure not to sleep on this link. Cassettes Won’t Listen tend to take their mixtapes down after a little while).

Click here for the download page link:

Click here for the intro page on the Definitive Jux site:

Here’s a sample of some one Cassettes Won’t Listen from one of his past albums. The song is called “Freeze and Explode.”

Fresh Findings Friday – Sweepstakes For Awesome Stuff

Can I let you in on a little secret? I like HGTV. When I lived back in MA, I’d chill at my mom’s place and watch all sorts of home improvement and house hunter shows with her. We used to geek out together at the Dream Home giveaways too. The locations and house designs were always way over the top and we’d enter to win every single one. The giveaways last weeks and you can enter every day. Believe me, my mom did enter every day and reminded eachother to do the same.

I got an email from mommy dearest a couple weeks ago saying there was another giveaway coming. A condo in Manhattan was up for grabs this time. I never win anything, but for some reason, I can’t resist entering this every freaking day. It’s kind of funny.

Anyways, check out this giveaway. Make fun of me. Whatevs ūüôā

Fresh Findings Friday: Seekers Beget Seekers – Jacq Soboti

This week’s Fresh Finding is my girlfriend’s new roomate and my latest vegan cooking inspiration and a badass runner – New Jersey’s pride,¬† Jacqeline Soboti (aka @JSoboti).

Jacq moved to Boulder shortly after I did and hit the ground running on her job search. Within days she was getting interviews, meeting people and making friends.

I think Jacq is particularly awesome because she’s a seeker and found her way to Boulder, like me, after visiting a while ago. I came here to visit two years ago, she came last year. Either way, we both caught the bug and knew we belonged here and managed to find our ways differently.

Jacq is a BADASS cook and is a vegan too. She makes the tastiest vegan goodies I’ve ever had and isn’t shy about teaching.

Also, might I mention, Jacq just landed the job she wanted and is going to stay local and avoid commuting to Denver. Things are looking WAY up for her and I couldn’t be happier.

Check out Jacq’s blog, I’d Rather Be Running, which is probably true because she’s a running fanatic.

Fresh Findings Friday: Normality (Does Not Make A Prince)

Today I am featuring a post written by a friend who I met 20 years ago in first grade. We rode up from Worcester, MA together to watch our mutual friend get married. I’ve always known him to be a really intelligent writer and awesome person, so here’s your chance to see it for yourself:

I often wonder, what exactly is normal? As defined by an anonymous friend of mine it is ” what everyone thinks everyone else is, but each person themselves isn’t”. But before you dismiss what I have to say as nonsensical jargon and ramblings I would like to state for the record that I HAVE NEVER “BLOGGED” and yes, you read it right when I put those words in capital letters. The all began on a night in Canada, after a friend of mine and me had an alcohol-influenced heart to heart conversation about life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. (in which the movie itself is the premise of our main discussion) Well, not exactly, but we had somewhat of a drunken heart to heart. He basically told me to find something that I was passionate about and strive for it. Here is where I bridge the gap: I feel that the ideas and passions that I have are not “conventional”, “normal”, or “mainstream” but perhaps i’m just being to quick to make assumptions and generalize. Perhaps there ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO FEEL THE WAY I DO. Maybe that may come as a sigh of relief and I guess it is.

Within the past few years of my life I have discovered the education of others and writing as passions. Hmmmm, how can I fuse the two? perhaps I can teach, which I do but more importantly, TEACH THROUGH MY WRITING. So if you want to hear some “abnormal”, “unconventional”, or “non-mainstream” (is that a word? who cares?!??) ideas maybe you can ask me how I feel, and I’ll tell you. I’ll be more than glad to educate the masses, or DUMBASSES, with my diction and maybe spill some fiction through the writing I compose wether poetry or even prose. Yes, I rhyme. And how I do it is not “normal”. I’m not trying to impress just give you a sample of abnormal writing. So if you want to know my opinion on God, Mercury, Mars, or binary stars, just ask. I’ll answer to the best of my abilities and i’m CONSTANTLY LEARNING (which I think is abnormal because people either are close-minded in their beliefs or research things to re-affirm their beliefs rather than “expand their horizons”). Keep this in mind about me, I’M NOT PERFECT, BUT I CONSTANTLY EVOLVE BECAUSE I STRIVE TO, THE MORE I LEARN THE MORE I REALIZE HOW LITTLE I ACTUALLY KNOW, and that’s REAL TALK. If you want to debate, we’ll debate, but only if you’re MATURE enough not to resort to petty name-calling and personal low-blow mudslinging. If you want to rap battle cool, I’m wit it too, for those that r dim-witted fools. See, I told u I wasn’t normal, but then again as I asked before, what is normal?

By now you have figured out that my prose/poetry/writing style is a little unorthodox, that’s fine, I think outside the box. Sooo I’M ALWAYS LOOKING FOR LIKE-MINDED, STRANGE, AND INTELLIGENT PEOPLE TO DISCUSS W/ SOOO‚Ķ can do the corny Facebook thing and huh‚Ķ..find me and shit‚ĶPrince Ekeson, email SEND A PERSONAL MESSAGE, hit me up‚Ķ.I’d want to hear your views as much as you’d want to hear mine, fuckfaces. But before you do, ask yourself “AM I NORMAL?” but more importantly, “WHAT IS NORMAL?”

Fresh Findings Friday: Ack, Ack! Greg Bagni Speaks Martian and Marketing To Humans

When I first met Greg Bagni in person at a coffee shop, he prefaced our conversation with “I’m not from here. As in – I’m not of this planet.” I found it humorous and slightly perplexing, but an hour later after a whirlwind of conversation that fluttered around topics like the nature of the universe, clean-tech and general marketing, I realized that Bagni had a high-altitude perspective of this planet and it’s goings on.

While his Tweets (@bagni) consist mainly of his lessons in numeric order, their advice can be summarized as tips on relating to humans, even if you feel like an alien. Also considering the fact that he served as the Senior Vice President of Schwinn Cycling and Fitness and has been a branding and marketing consultant for many heavy hitter brands, you’ve got to take some of this stuff to the bank.

But don’t take my word for it, check out his Twitter page for yourself and let him know what you think!

Some of my favorite Tweets:

r#275:good leaders aren’t readers, they’re writers. now to just be able to expand on more tan 140 words at a time. ha

r#267:if you ever worked retail you’ll know that humans rarely tell the truth

r#263:figured out today only good at two things. riding bike and staying married. both miracles of movement and momentum. ::))