Being Present For The Boston Marathon

Last March, I was standing at my desk in Boulder, Colorado when I heard the Boston Marathon bombings had occurred. I couldn’t believe it. I was heart broken, frightened and had to call and email every person I knew and cared about back home to make sure they were alright, that they weren’t running, they weren’t watching, they weren’t hurt. As the days went by and the manhunt continued, I’d choke back tears every morning as I watched the news about the survivors, the witnesses and the city grieving, seeking revenge and coming to grips with what happened.

I wanted to be there so badly. I had been to many marathons. I’ve watched people I cared deeply for cross that finish-line after the hardest months of training in their life. I pictured myself there every single day for a while after the attacks.

This year I am committed to going and watching the Boston Marathon. I’m here in Massachusetts, there’s no reason for me not to go. No matter what I do, where I am, I’ll be present and mindful on the next Boston Marathon Day. I’ve never felt more connected to my home than that day.

The Accountability of Community

What’s the difference between reading a self-help book on Subject-A and developing or joining  a community around that topic? Well, I believe the difference is that many types of people can get inspired by these concepts of helping themselves, but the lack of accountability and mentorship are a limiting factor in the quest for success.

We can develop support around anything. That is a powerful idea. Where have I failed in the past where I could have succeeded? Where have I failed to offer support when I chose to look after myself instead?

I see so much potential for human growth in the purposeful building of communities alongside ideas. It’s not easy. There are a lot of barriers, but the age of togetherness can’t be ruled out because of how we’ve embraced seemingly isolationist-by-nature technologies.

I am here to build community. I am here to be held accountable and hold others to their highest potential.