It’s a Dog’s Life

My friend Kim (@_kimzilla) sent this to me a while back and I thought I’d share it. She doesn’t know who wrote it and I haven’t found out yet either, but I think it’s pretty rad and pretty true to form. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

The life of a poet is a hell of a life.

It’s a dog’s life. But it’s the only one worth living.”

You suffer

more, you’re frustrated more. All the things that don’t bother other

people. But you also live so much more. You live so much more

intensely and so much more vitally and with so mch more of a sense of

meaning, of consequentiality. Of things mattering instead of nothing

mattering. This is what’s driving our whole civilization into suicide.

The fear that we are living an existence in which nothing matters very

much at all … The poet is free of that … if you’re a real poet,

you’re hooked more deeply than any narcotics addict could possibly be

hooked on heroin … Something that is a process which cannot be too

far from the process that created everything.

A Cool Conceptual Photo Project I Was Lucky To Be A Part Of

My friend Scott Erb recently compiled a video of his shots from The Red Room project from his home in Worcester, Massachusetts. Basically he wanted to see how many different ways he could possibly arrange a small red room with minimal props and bring out a unique look and atmosphere with each subject. He brought me in to take some shots earlier this year and I was simply flattered at how good they came out. I’m so un-photogenic and he really brought out the best in me.

I won’t go into some of the other beautiful folks he photographed as well. You should just see them for yourself and reach out to Scott and let him know how awesome he is.