Jumping Back Into The Public Ethereum Pool

Greetings from a nondescript coffee shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s Friday and my day is wrapping up after writing a few freelance blog posts and it felt like the right time to finally write a blog for me — to all of you.

I’ve been laying low mostly lately after about two weeks ago completing my final day at BlockApps after deciding to make a career pivot into projects I feel more personally compelled by, specifically related to public-net Ethereum. I’ve seen so many leaps in capability, adoptions and overall quality of ideas in just a couple years since getting involved with the space that I figured placing a bet on myself and the projects that keep me up late at night with excitement should be what I focus on.

Sometimes I feel like I am on one of those far far away planets depicted in the movie Interstellar. The kind where parts of reality that I’m used to are relatively the same — gravity, water, breathable air, etc. However there’s a great deal different from what I had considered to be reality a short time ago. Especially working in this space of cryptocurrency and blockchain business — a matter of months can change so much about what we conceived to be inalienable.

So as I saw many things change, evolve and develop in the enterprise and private blockchain related space, I was seeing a divergence from the types of projects being built on public net and off-chain. I wish I had the prediction powers to say what will happen definitively on either side, but I really wanted to be a part of the public net initiatives while I saw a place for my contributions.

In addition to this what I saw to be a necessary shift in career, I felt compelled to also greatly pare back my social media presence and actually try to expand upon my actual societal presence. While I miss daydreaming on Instagram and Facebook occasionally, the deficit of attention isn’t something I lament at all. It’s given me back the headspace that I once enjoyed where I was able to dream up all sorts of silly things and experiment with them. I did however keep my Twitter and Linkedin profiles, mainly for practical purposes as they’re the most focused specifically on my professional network. Additionally it’s given me what will probably amount to be hours back to my personal relationships and the time spent being active and healthy. The seemingly small things really do add up. I’ve also been able to reconnect with some folks I haven’t seen in a while at local New York blockchain related Meetups, which was really nice.

I haven’t joined up with a full-time job at any one company yet as I wanted to make sure I had distance from the role I was departing from to what would be best suited for my interests. Like a big purchase, I’ve learned that a big long-term commitment such as a job is best slept-on. So for the past couple weeks I’ve mainly been doing contract content production and community management work on various crypto/blockchain projects and exploring what opportunities are out there that really align with what I’m looking for. Also, getting some extra time to spent with my wife and take spontaneous road trips is hard to beat.

I have a lot to be grateful for — specifically to BlockApps for providing me with countless opportunities to jump into roles, projects and tasks that I wasn’t previously comfortable with outside of my background in content marketing and community. It was great to be learning as I went through new challenges and being exposed to parts of the industry I previously had no insight into. Particularly, cutting my teeth in enterprise blockchain sales, building a small team around me, business/partnership development and working with partners and consortiums looking to make big impacts in the space was very rewarding.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out previous to making this “news” public and for the unsolicited job referrals. I am flattered and so grateful.

Let’s keep pushing this industry forward!