Learning To Crawl Before You Walk and Run with Bitcoin and Blockchain

I remember hearing about Bitcoin a while ago. I thought it was interesting and even met some people who had bought a little bit and made some money on the early days huge value shifts. I wanted in on the action. I dabbled in buying and trading stocks on the NYSE before and never made much money, but I figured if I could figure out the mechanics of that, I could figure out how to buy and trade BTC. Boy, was I wrong.

I quickly got in way over my head with technical data. I’m not a technical knuckle dragger, per se, but I’m certainly not a computer developer level person with intuition past a GUI. I need my hand held a little. I’ll admit that. I quickly found the buying and selling process of BTC too complicated for me. I quit without ever making a trade. I remember feeling like I needed to be a programmer just to get involved and I put it on the backburner.

Then a few weeks ago upon coming back to Korea from visiting home in the USA, I saw BTC was accpted at a few retail locations I visited. I was interested again. Upon doing some basic google research, I realized that the technology behind granting n00bs like me acess to the world of BTC was totally different. There were GUI’s and no need for writing code and command line madness. Maybe it’s hipster of me to say that BTC is closer to “mainstream” now, which means I’m way behind the 8-ball.

Anyways, I signed up for Xapo and Coinbase. I bought my first bit of BTC currency and started playing with some faucet apps (Zapchain included, at the advice of Coinbase). I also inviested on the NYSE in some companies that are both holding companies for BTC and blockchain related businesses as well as some businesses that leverage heavily on BTC and blockchain somewhere in their business models.

I’ve found that BTC is still incredibly layered and complex, however the technology that people are building into the UI of it all is great. I really apprecaite that I can get involved at some level now without feeling totally intimidated. Sites like Zapchain have also given me a great opportunity to network and learn about whatever interests me, related to BTC and blockchain, which rocks.

Next up for me as I learn to crawl before I can walk, I want to start trading. I signed up at Coincube, but it looks like I can’t use my Coinbase wallet with them because Coinbase doesn’t allow trading in my country. So, it’ll require I do a bit more digging, which I’m enjoying doing so far.

Next steps beyond that? Well, maybe start to think of some business models using BTC! I really like micro-services and micro-payments using Bitcoin, so I’ll be exploring that as well as some other ideas.

Do you share any similar sentiments in becoming acclimated to BTC and blockchain? How long have you been in the game? How fast were you on the uptake?