That Time I Became A Substitute Teacher

I’m not sure being a “teacher” was every on my bucket list. It’s not for a lack of respect… that’s for sure. I’ve known several teachers very well in my life and I know that the amount that they go through, what they contribute to our society’s children and what they are compensated financially and otherwise is completely imbalanced. To be frank, I never thought I was cut out for the job.

However, as I’ve moved back to MA and have been in a career/job transition period, my cousin who is a senior administrator at a local high school asked me to substitute while I was figuring out my next job. I was hesitant at first but figured I’d give it a try. So, I applied.

Driving back from a promising job interview this week, I got a call that I sent to voicemail. The local high school wanted me to come in and substitute this week.

My first reaction was “Sweet! Adventure! Extra money!” Then I thought about what a shit head I was in high school and thought about the load of karma I was about to receive. I got very nervous!

However, today I went in, covered a full day of Biology for a bunch of sophomores, and it went great! Pretty easy. The kids respected me for the most part and when I needed to check them, it worked.

It just goes to show… sometimes you just need to say “yes” to what life brings you.

My New Music Obsession: The National

Now for something a little bit.. darker… maybe less sentimental…. or sentimental in a sweet way.

I was watching SNL, which I normally don’t do so much anymore, because Lena Dunham was on. I really enjoy the show Girls on HBO, so I decided to tune in to see how she did. I suppose her performance as a host was pretty good, but I really was struck by The National. I am ashamed to have never heard them before!

I tweeted to my friends on Twitter to see what songs I should listen to. So many people responded with their favorite songs. I saved all of them on Spotify and I really like them all.

If you haven’t listened to The National yet, here’s your chance. Enjoy!