News From The Road

Firstly, I was given my blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before I moved out of Boulder last week… January 18th to be exact. Words can’t describe what BJJ has done for me over the years. Below is a picture of me getting handled by a badass dude at my gym who’s just short of having a black belt… so I don’t feel terrible for getting my ass whooped. And then my new belt… ain’t it pretty.

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Right now I’m back in Madison, WI right now staying with a friend from when I lived here last. It’s surreal to be back here. I haven’t visited since I moved to Boulder in 2010. The circumstances that brought me out to Madison were, to say the least, significant in my overall development as a man, person, partner, professional, etc. It was the space I needed from my life as I left it back in Massachusetts. I’m starting only now to truly ┬árealize some of the lessons I was taught by life and some people in my life back then. I am so grateful for those lessons and those people, past and present.

Here’s a map of my stops so far. 2,100 miles and counting!



Up next: Chicago, Brooklyn New York, then my final destination (for now), Boston, Massachusetts

Life Update – Moving Back To The East Coast

As of today, I am officially announcing my return to the East Coast. At least for a little while until I decide where I truly want to be, geographically, professionally, etc. That might wind up being Boston, Worcester, Chicago, The BayArea, or anywhere else that calls me. My heart’s totally open to whatever opportunities speak to my core passions and aspirations. Nothing is off the table.

The over-arching reason why I’m moving back is fairly personal, so out of respect for myself and the situation, I’m not going to go into details here right now. However, if you know me and you know how to get in touch with me, I’m happy to share my story and what I’ve learned from it all.

It’s all good. Onward and upward. Life keeps getting better, regardless of setbacks. I am so stoked to see what 2014 brings.