Witnessing and Admirable Obsession

I have a good friend who as of the past few years has more or less inherited an opportunity to farm land that his family owns. I’ve seen him dive headlong into this farm of his with passion and conviction that is rare. He had the support he needed  and all the things lined up that made his ability to focus on one thing he loved absolutely paramount.

It’s inspirational. Sometimes I’ll leave work in the middle of the day (his farm happens to be a mile from my office) and go help him pick produce or move heavy stuff. I feel a basic satisfaction tasting the hard work he does on a daily basis. I want to be involved. I call him and ask him how I can help more. Can I pay into a CSA? Can I help him build a website to promote his farm dinner projects? What can I do?

I was honored to know this friend before he came into this farm. I am even more inspired by him now.

I hope I can be that for someone someday.

Know Your Audience

You can be something to everyone and be pretty mediocre in your career and life. Or, you can be who you truly are and be the perfect fit to certain people and utterly reprehensible to others.

If you choose the path of definition versus assimilation, beware that your audiences will be more polarized negatively or positively towards your character and opinions.

Do not ask of things from groups of people who are not your own. If you must, be prepared for a fight and hurt feelings.

Rejection is a by-product of not knowing who you really are, or who you’re talking to.

Confessions Of A White Belt – 1

An honest rolling session can lead to an honest conversation in the locker room after practice. Most white belts are in the process of learning how to simply not hurt themselves or others while rolling, along with getting down the basic positions, transitions and submissions of the art.

Techniques are probably easier to learn than the mindset required to progress through the belt-ranks. Often times that mindset comes in the form of an epiphany  Or it comes in the form of humility being squished into your brain.

When you have a pleasant, but very challenging rolling session with another white belt and after you are both talking about how you’ve finally learned how to release your ego while rolling, accept inferior positions and work out of them with care, not reckless might, it’s a great relief  You’ve not only related to one another on a very basic, simple, innocent level, you’ve also identified a training partner that you want to spar with and learn from moving forward.

Those are the people I want to keep around me. Those are the people I want to be more like. There’s no reason that white belts can’t learn from other white belts.