Happy Holidays From Worcester

Nothing like getting in touch with your hometown, your family and childhood friends. Despite catching a nasty cold that kept me at home for a few days, it’s been really great to be home.

The lady and I have decided to take a last-minute trip to Maine to stay with my grandparents. She’s never been to Maine and I need to re-connect with my heart-force, which is strongly linked to the ocean.

We’ll be back in MA for New Years Eve, just before we head back to Colorado.

A whirlwind trip, but all worth it.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season.

Mama I’m Coming Home

I’ll be flying home for Christmas this year, opposed to driving, as I originally planned. I wanted to drive home with my dog in tow and spend a couple weeks in Massachusetts with my family, as I feel I haven’t got to spend as much time with them this year as I’d like. With not having a ton of time-off from work, I try to arrange balanced situations where I work remotely and travel at the same time. However, my current work situation doesn’t allow for that.

Making the most of the situation, I reached out to a few Brazilian jiu jitsu schools in my home-city – Worcester. Interestingly, when I lived back home, I never tried to do BJJ. I did train a little in Boston (and in Madison, WI), but never while in Worcester, so I had very little idea of what the “scene” was like, or if there even was one.

I found two gyms and sent each an email, saying where I tried and my belt rank. I heard back from one, almost immediately. The owner of the academy said he knew my professor and would love to have me as a guest. It was a really cool feeling to know that my network, because of BJJ extends so far. I can’t really even say that with my alumni network from college for high school!

In all, I’ll be spending about 8 days at home with 2 days traveling. It seems like a lot, but when you live far away, it’s never really enough. I’m hoping I get to see everyone and get some quality time all-around.