BJJ Class – 6/30/2012

Today’s class was a challenging one for me. We continued some side control work, but did a few new positioning drills that I felt really awkward doing. I had a good partner who was a big guy like myself, so I felt okay distributing my weight as I should. Conditioning felt pretty strong again. Hoping to keep that going.


  • Americana from side mount
  • Side mount to North South to Side mount
  • Knee to belly transitioning
  • Far side armbar (I love this move)

Then we just did some positional drilling mixing up all of the above.

Fun stuff!

BJJ Class – 6/29/2012

My first class since March. All of the instructors remembered my face and welcomed me back. Felt great. I’m also not as out of shape as I thought as I was able to finish strong without wheezing and looking stupid. Had a great sparring partner as well (who happens to be an instructor too).

Fairly standard warm up with jogging, shuffling.

All drills were from the side mount.

  • Americana from side mount
  • Kimura from side mount
  • Straight armbar from side mount.

Finished with some one hand-tied guard passing drills. Got my ass handed to me. Passed guard once, poorly and then got my back taken. Lots to improve on.

Stayed after and drilled a couple of sweeps from guard and the spider guard setup going for kimura.

Great to be back!

To Be Healthier, A Better Person, A Better Man

I want to share a video of a comedian, long-time UFC commentator and martial artist, Joe Rogan receiving his 10th Planet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt the other day.

This video was poignant for me. Joe is a very successful entertainment professional, an already accomplished martial artist in Tai Kwon Do and has accomplished more than most people I have ever met. But, as you’ll see, Joe sheds a tear after being a brown belt for about 8 years, diligently working on his professional life and his BJJ.

I won’t do him a dis-service by trying to paraphrase his acceptance speech. Just watch.

I’ll put it this way – this encouraged me to drive down to my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school (Easton BJJ in Boulder) and sign back up for classes after being gone for 3 months.

I’m just a lowly white belt with no stripes, but I dream of accomplishing as much as Joe Rogan someday. That includes getting a black belt.

Here’s to a long and hard uphill challenge that I think could be one of the most rewarding in life.

The Itch Returns

The itch returns.

I’m sitting on an American Airlines flight bound for St. Lucia for my little sisters wedding, which I’m due to give here away at in 3 days. I’ve been learning to write Ruby on Rails for the past couple of months after I found myself utterly flumoxed by the lack of purpose and expressive mojo that comes with maintaining a blog. I have been questioning my desire or ability to continue blogging for the past six months since became a POW.

There was a deep fatigue resounding throughout my soul when it came to expressing the treble and bass of my existence. I wasn’t even sure why I was trying to do such a thing.

Certainly I thought I had a core set of readers who I had been friends, lovers, acquaintences and associates with at some point in the past 12 years of my blogging. I felt I had been keeping them up to speed adequately for some time on whatever what happening in my life. I wasn’t so sure if I was really kept up to speed to where I was at though. I had been a lot of places though.

Taking a break from blogging proved to be a nice little haitus from having to define who I was and what I was supposed to be doing. I chose to do that for a long time though, and it certainly worked for me. I’d recomend it to others even.

It’s hard to say where I’m at now. I’m struggling to list any life events, accomplishments or milestones that I’ve reached. I’ve definitely done some stuff, but I just can’t get excited about listing or talking about the minutae of my life. How about them apples?

So, this is a point I’ve come to a several times in the last six months trying to job my writing habit back into rhythm. I start to get a little nostalgic about all the great times I’ve experieded. I get amped on the goals I never persued.

I get jaded. I lose interest. I shut down the word processor. I walk away.

Event triggered writer’s block?