“Maniac” – A Short Film Directed by Shia LaBeouf, starring Scott Mescudi and Chris Palko (Kid Cudi and Cage)

A long time coming. Happy Halloween.

*I posted this as it was loading without having ever seen it. I MUST warn my readers. This is extremely graphic and disturbing. Please be cautious watching this if you are easily offended or horrified. K Thx.

Immortal Technique’s Latest Mixtape – The Martyr

I haven’t even had a chance to listen to this yet. It’s still downloading as I type this. However, being one of my favorite artists, I had to give my readers a heads up that Immortal Technique’s latest mixtape The Martyr is now out and ready for download. Not sure how long this link will work, so get it now!



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What’s new I had an eye trauma which…

What’s new?

I had an eye trauma which almost required a surgical procedure but will likely heal on it’s own after a few weeks straight of severe pain. I’m lucky.

I’ve been winning contests a lot lately. It’s funny, I’m actually winning certain sweepstakes and competitive events I’m entering myself in. Some small things, some big things. I’m lucky.

I hit a bit of an extended rough patch. While that bad luck had me feeling quite down on myself, it also helped me shine light on what I already had in my life that’s to be thankful for (a lot) and also emboldened me to ask of the universe for what I truly wanted. In the end I was able to understand more about what the differences between what I need and what I want are.

I’m lucky.

Looks like I get to avoid surgery this…

Looks like I get to avoid surgery this time. I won’t go into too much gory detail, but basically my eye is about 60% healed on its own. It should be 100% healed by now, which is why I was going to have a procedure done, however the doctor seems cautiously optimistic that I’m going to be able to heal up without too much more pain. I just need to take extra care of my eyes and be sure to never ever rub them when they itch. Not fun!