Sometimes it’s just better to stop focusing your…

Sometimes it’s just better to stop focusing your energy within so hard and just send a text message or call people in your life whom you’ve lost touch with. It’s surprising how much bad energy can be held onto while you’re simply trying to keep it together. Tell someone who you miss that you miss them, today.

Love Brazilian BBQ? Try Rodizio Grill in Denver!

Tomorrow night I am lucky enough to be part of a blogger meetup at Rodizio Grill in Denver, Colorado. We’re going to talk about the finer points of Dever area dining and how Rodizio measures up to local steakhouses in the area.

I can tell you from past experience of living in heavily Brazilian populated neighborhoods (Sullivan Square, Somerville, Massachusetts) and having a Brazilian brother in-law, the concept of having virtually an endless supply of succulent, perfectly cooked meat delivered to your table at your slighted command is appealing. I come from a family of carnivores!

If you’re in the Denver area tomorrow night (Monday, September 26th) please join me for a one night deal of $19.99 for all you can eat Brazilian BBQ (normally twice as much).

I’ll be live tweeting from the event, so if you’re wondering how the food is, just follow me and keep up on my updates!


    Disclaimer: This was setup from the promotional team with Rodizio Grill. They’re hosting a group of bloggers and providing us with some goodies on the night of Monday, September 26th. I was not paid to do this review and all opinions are my own.

Is it relevant that I was daydreaming of…

Is it relevant that I was daydreaming of putting up a performance art piece (albeit a pretty weird and twisted one) in my room on Monday morning? Take from it what you will, this is my week’s horoscope from Free Will Astrology…

“According to April Winchell’s book Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF, here are some of the treasures you can find for sale at a toy pig made from a root beer can; a “juicy enchanted pouch” for holding runes; a handmade hornet’s nest; a stuffed feral goat fashioned to resemble a unicorn; fake tapeworms that are actually spray-painted fettucine; and a “haunted Ouija board Las Vegas casino-style blackjack roulette poker chip.” I would absolutely love it if you designed something like this and hawked it on Etsy, Gemini. Your skill as an idiosyncratic creator will soon be peaking, as will your capacity for marketing the most unique aspects of your shtick and style.”