Am I Mentally Tough?

I saw this really great interview with Chael Sonnen on what “mental toughness” really means.

Do you expect to win? Do you put yourself in adverse situations regularly in order to push yourself through hard situations in less than idea conditions? Do you make a habit of this?

This video made me think really hard about my own habits. Would love to hear what you think about it. If you’re short on time, just watch the first 2 minutes. That’s where the best part is. The rest is great too.

Ten Things I Have Learned – An Essay By Milton Glaser

This is the best essay I’ve read in a very long time… yes, I said ESSAY, not blog post. Allot yourself at least 15 minutes to read through this whole thing, front to bottom. I think you’ll dig it.

Some of the things I agree totally with and some I do not agree with but am deeply affected by. Would truly love to hear reactions that you have.

If you are intro astrology at all or…

If you are intro astrology at all or maybe just a little amused at it, you’ve got to check out this woman’s Twitter account where she Tweets day in and day out about the relationship traits of every astrological sign.!/sexstrology

Call it what you will, but some of them are just spot on.

Would love to hear what you think.

I have to say I love me some…

I have to say, I love me some business travel. Wish I had my girlfriend and puppy with me, but Washington D.C. is truly delightful for me.

There’s something to be said for working face-to-face with your crew… your real peoples who are amazing at what they do and inspire you to be better, work harder and be more creative. Not to get mushy, but my team is totally kick ass.

Oh Washington D.C., It’s Been Too Long

Tomorrow morning I leave for a business trip to Washington D.C. for the rest of this week.

Last Spring I spent a few days in D.C. working with a non-profit on behalf of Brazen Careerist as a social media consultant. My CEO (at the time) drove Penelope and I around the city, showing us all the landmarks and fun places to hang out and I absolutely fell in love. Actually, when I got laid off a couple months after that consulting engagement, I got asked by that same non-profit I consulted for if I’d consider working for them. Although I loved the organization and the people working there very much, it wasn’t the right position at the right time and I had to decline… although D.C. was always somewhere I had wanted to live.

I am truly excited to spent a few nights there to take all of the fun in again. Although I am injured (dumb accident this past weekend which lead to several dozen stitches in my leg), I am planning on walking as much as I possibly can around the energy and action of one of my favorite cities.

Any message you’d like me to give to Congress/Senate or Obama, leave it in the comment 😉

A Tribe Called Quest Mixtape – by Mick Boogie

A Tribe Called Quest is one of my all time favorite music groups (across genres). I an absolutely loving this Mick Boogie mixtape of ATCQ’s best hits.

Download this and listen to it. Let me know what you think and how many times you listen to it on repeat.

Click this link to begin downloading

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Just moved into my new apartment Very excited…

Just moved into my new apartment. Very excited about having my own place again. I actually only saw the place once, at night before signing the lease. I honestly was satisfied enough w/ the area and the condition of the apartment to happily pay rent to live there. When I actually moved in, I realized I had a dog park, a pool, a club house and many other amenities at my disposal. Really pumped about all of it!

Now I’m about to head home, unpack some more (I’m so bad at properly un-packing) and make my first meal in my new kitchen. Despite spending the whole weekend moving (exhausting in the heat) I have to say it was pretty easy. Looking forward to staying put for another year.