I Got Water In My Heart

I was enjoying the Boulder Creek Fest yesterday with my girlfriend and some friends and there was a demo being put on of Hobie Kayaks. My heart instantly was brought back to Quinsigamond Lake in Worcester, MA where I spend summer after summer of my teenage years learning to sail, racing and eventually teaching kids how to sail. I’ve always ranked a sailboat as one of my most wanted, high-ticket purchases.

Talk about motivation!


New Blog Design

Hey everyone, thanks for continuing to visit me at http://notsoliteral.com. I’ve decided to update my blog design for a more “micro-blog” feel. It’s not to say I cannot write in long form, but I wanted to go with a simpler design for a change. Feel free to let me know what you think. I love feedback! Also, stay tuned for some more updates! Cheers!

The Ever-So Subtle New Job Announcement

11 days ago on Friday the 13th my girlfriend and I both got job offers. This is huge for both of us, for different reasons and the roles are both very different indeed. However, I thought the fact that we both received written offers on Friday the 13th was too cool to not pass on.

I’ve chronicled my – how do you say – “interesting” career path on more than one occasion. I went from super huge company, bounced from two cash strapped startups and managed to put food on the table for myself as a consultant, all with the support of people close to me as well as people who didn’t know me at all.

Now I’m starting a new chapter. I’ve though about what to label it and if it’s even worth me labeling it and I’ve come to the conclusion that now is the time of consistency and steadiness while integrating my creativity. I’ve been sharpening my marketing skill set for the better part of 6 years in hopes that I could apply my passion and perspective to something big, complex and a lot of fun. I think I’ve found that company and series of projects. Starting June 2nd – which happens to be my birthday – I get to sink my teeth into something totally new. I cannot wait.

So, without further adieu, I introduce myself to you as the new Social Media Manager for Penton Media.

The Feeling Of Weightlessness

Sometimes life gets too complicated and we wish it would all slow down to a quiet lull. Other times, we’re so concerned with making next-month’s rent that we’d give anything for a slew of paid gigs, no matter how big or small just to get by.

I must say, I feel truly blessed and fortunate to have the ability to say that right now, my options are many and they are a result of not having much else but a focused view on what I want and a semi-disciplined work ethic.

No complaints here, just a wish that I can make the best decisions possible.

Cheers that your work has paid off and you enjoy it as well with a humble silence and appreciation.

It may not always be like this, but because life is just a series of moments, lets make these moments count.