Re-Direct Your Gaze

The real world doesn’t go away if you close your eyes. That’s news to me.

I’m an expert at being introverted and looking within. Everything translates so well when I discover something about myself and put it on continuous loop inside my brain.

But physics doesn’t work that way and I don’t think psychology does either. What goes in, must come out. Cars use internal combustion and require exhausts to eliminate the fumes from the system.

So what we’re left with here is a good amount of toxic waste product from an overly industrious brain. The tendency to continually gaze within at what’s found doesn’t make for progress for me or anyone else.

Progress may be over-rated or over-valued by some people, but it’s neccesary, whether we like it or not.

“Like is always in motion, therefor I can never be stuck.”

That’s one of my girlfriend’s favorite quotes. It reminds me that I can stay in my head forever, but life is still sweeping me along. So while I continually re-digest thoughts and occurrences in my head while I attempt to maintain still-motion, the fumes and toxins just build up, rather than if I quickly utilize knowledge and perspective for what it’s worth.