Horse Before The Cart

The saying “don’t put the cart before the horse” is an interesting concept. It’s like, don’t get ahead of yourself and cover your bases before you start trying to move forward. Put your effort and resources first before you build out this cushy cart to rest in.

What if your cart hasn’t moved in a while? What if the horses have taken off and don’t seem to be coming back?

Maybe you rest a little in the cart that you built because it’s pretty damn comfortable. You’ve earned it. You’ve traveled quite a distance. Even though you’ve broken down somewhere on the middle of who knows where, at least you got this far…

But then you realize, you’re not done yet. The cart doesn’t move itself and staring or taking naps inside it while the horses are off eating hay just won’t benefit you or anyone else.

So, you set off on foot, following your hove prints, knowing you might never find those beautiful steedes you were lucky enough to come upon in the first place, but that on foot is better than broken down trying to preserve false comfort. You’ve been very lucky thus far and  if good fortune continues, great. If not, you’ve been blessed already. Yet, something better lies ahead.

Keep moving.

Heros Don’t Die, But Unrealistic Expectations Do

Heros Don’t Die, Unrealistic Expectations Do

Last weekend I saw Fedor Emelianenko lose (technically) for the second time an an illustrious 10 year career. I, among many others throughout the world, worshiped Fedor as if he was some sort of mythical being. He had a pudgy body type (more like my own, than one of an ideal professional athlete), an ice cold look in his eye and the repeated good fortune of besting each and every opponent he faced in MMA, one fight after another.

Last year, Fedor lost (again, technically) for the first time in his career. For months, articles were written about how everything he was, everything he stood for as a man and a fighter was a hoax because his aura was defeated by submission on one single night. MMA fans who were skeptical of Fedor’s overall presence as the number #1 pound for pound great of the sport because of his absence from the premier organization (UFC) were quick to jump on his back as detractors from the previous 9 years where Fedor tore through every single opponent he faced.

Instead of coming back strong, Fedor faced an absolute MONSTER of a man in Antonio Silva and was beaten to a TKO victory after the doctors declared Fedor’s eye too swollen for him to continue. Fedor gave a good back and fourth effort throughout the fight, but Silva was the better man. That is okay in my eyes.

I’ve been nothing but thrilled watching Fedor fight since 2001. Every time he steps in the ring, I watch. I know he’s human, yet his capabilities astound me regardless of the outcome.

When you witness something evolving as once-in-a-lifetime or being truly special in relation to the time and place in which you stand, sometimes it’s okay to just witness it happening as it moves along. You don’t have to invest yourself in the success or failure of it as it relates to you as a human being. Seeing a progression of excellence suddenly halted, regardless of the relative span or magnetite of that greatness’ existence, should be enough. However, resting one’s ability to relate to happiness and the self on the success of external factors (all of which result in decay and eventual…. I don’t know….) is a good way to wind up sad, depressed and constantly let down by the world around you.

If you witness something special, enjoy it. If you’re part of it, even better. If it fails, watch the failure, learn from it and keep moving. You can build something yourself that may not reach the level of greatness which most desire, but it might just be enough to sustain you while enjoying the happiness that matters.

As for Fedor, he’s still my hero. Haters gon’ hate.

Good Florists Are So Money

Considering I bought tickets to a play and we were denied entry to it (dog sitter miscommunication, plus traffic, plus parking garage fiasco, but we were granted tickets to another night later this month) I’m glad I could rely on a single entity of my Valentine’s Day planning to go off without a hitch.

Today is Valentine’s Day and l had a bouquet of my girlfriend’s favorite flowers (Stargazer Lilies) delivered to her office before she got there this morning. I planned this last week because I haven’t been able to find Stargazer Lilies since we’ve been dating. One type or another of Lillie will make her happy, but when we very first started dating, she told me that Stargazers really got her. I got about a million marketing emails advertising ridiculously low rates for delivery of 2 dozen roses in a crystal vase, etc. These bouquets were friggin impressive and cheap and I’m sure my girlfriend would have loved them, but none of them had Stargazer lilies.

So, I called the one flower shop that I knew of in Boulder, Fiori, and asked if they had Stargazer Lilies. They did! They also would hook me up with any delivery options I wanted within a certain price. Totally professional, personable and reliable.

Tonight is a special dinner. I’m excited for it. I’m grateful for the love in my life. Time to celebrate.

Meet Černá Jones Moreau

Last weekend my girlfriend and I were driving around after having a brunch in Denver when I asked her if she wanted to take a quick look at some dogs at the Humane Society in Boulder. We didn’t have any solid plans, so she agreed. I wasn’t particularly planning on coming home with a dog, seeing as the last time I went, the dog I wanted was said to have health problems when I inquired to the Vet Tech about taking her home.

We walked casually around the shelter, looking in cages, listening to the barks, spying  for wagging tails and friendly eyes. I didn’t quite see anything that struck my interest, so once we got towards the end of the kennel, I started to turn around to head back out. But then Grace said “oh, come here! Look at him! Can we take him out?”

It was a black lab looking puppy named “Jones.” I wasn’t really looking to adopt a puppy because frankly, I didn’t want to be the one to have to train them, housebreak them, etc. But, he looked up at us with his big eyes, tail wagging and a calm demeanor for him considering he’s only 3 months old. We called the vet tech over and she let us take him out in the spare play space. He cuddled with my girlfriend and I, chased the ball we threw, sat pretty well when we asked him to and had a great personality overall. I said to Grace, “I think we’re going to take him home.” We did.

As the vet tech took down my info and adoption paperwork, all I could think about was naming him. I really didn’t like “Jones” as a first name for him. I had always wanted to name a pet a Czech name because i love the language so much. So, when I was picking out a collar and leash for him in the pet store as they processed my information, I decided because he was all black, I’d just call him “black” in Czech. I named him Černá.

He’s such a good boy. A typical, high energy puppy, but so affectionate. The submissive, goofy nature of a Black Labrador Retriever and the musculature stance and build of a Pitbull Terrier. He loves everybody, loves to be around people constantly and doesn’t cry at night when I crate him. I’ll be taking him to lessons next week for propper manners, but otherwise, I couldn’t be happier with him.

I’m a happy guy 🙂