Building Something That So Many People Can Use

This week the company I work for, BlipSnips, released their first version of an iPhone App which syncs up with a Facebook App. It very basically allows you to shoot video with the iPhone App, select moments within the video that you find significant, tag friends in them and then upload the whole thing to Facebook for people to comment on. I don’t personally own an iPhone, although I get to use one for work, but even still the Facebook App stands alone by itself as a video player and tool to take any Facebook or Youtube videos and select moments from them and tag people as well.

We’ve been hard at work building, testing and prepping for the release of these apps. I’m really excited to see the product of lots of passion and hard work from the whole company (gotta give props to the product dudes, they’re animals).

Check out these links. Try it out. Add me on Facebook and tag me in a video 🙂

Facebook App:

iPhone App: Apple iTunes and App Store

And also check out some of the press we got!

BlipSnips Adds Enhanced Tagging And Captioning To Facebook Videos – TechCrunch

Former Facebook exec backs BlipSnips social video service – VentureBeat

The Relatively Sought After Life

Years ago, I was un-healthily overweight. I’ve still got extra weight, but I was ridiculously too big. I’d eat nasty food, with great frequency. Today I looked at what I’ve eaten (and I’m not on a diet) and I haven’t really touched red meat more than a few times in months, haven’t gone out drinking with gusto in a while, no drugs, no degenerates. Just work, learning to be a better boy(friend), a better human, meditating, cultivating, living. This is a relatively sought after life, in all honesty. It’s relative, I’ve sought (something) for a long time, maybe my whole life and here I am. I am here, truly.

The differences between people are either solidified or evaporated based on how they look at where there at in life. There are lots of different viewpoints (and clinical terminology) that articulate a person’s ability to cope and thrive throughout life based on their attitude towards their life-situation. Do you find discomfort by close observation of your faults, attempting to change them into your idea of “better?” Is neglect what causes the most pain? Leaving the forces of decay to their not-so-merry way, eating away at everything around you, especially the regenerative aspects of you that can be nourished and refreshed?

Roots or wings? Both are equal blessings at the right times. But do seekers seek for the sake of seeking or finding? Do we keep what we find? Some people are near sighted, some are far sighted. Few have 20/20 vision. There’s beauty in the overall picture from every angle, inside and out, no matter how you look at it, no matter what condition your eyes (perspective) are in.

Update From The Ride

I just realized I haven’t blogged in a while. Whoops! My company launches two major products in t-minus 10 days and we’re to-the-wall trying to get everything ready and shined up. No mental capacity to write anything enlightened or inspiring in a while. I think that’s okay though.

Startup life is like cocaine – a hell of a drug, if it doesn’t kill you.